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BlanketRoller with Hook & Loop Tie Straps - THIS IS FAST!
BlanketRoller with Hook & Loop Tie Straps BlanketRoller with Hook & Loop Tie Straps
A pile of 12 concrete curing blankets and one man using the BlanketRoller
and our hook & loop tie straps.
BlanketRoller with Hook & Loop Tie Straps BlanketRoller with Hook & Loop Tie Straps
15 minutes later the trailer is loaded and ready to go.
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12 foot wide blanket
12 foot wide blanket

Blanketroller Step 1
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Easy to Use
The BlanketRoller is the first tool in our product line, it's patent pending, and designed specifically for jobsite conditions. Simply pull the blanket between the two tubes, turn the crank handle, and the curing blanket is completely rolled up in seconds, ready to secure and slide right off. The BlanketRoller is made to be easily transported because it fits in the bed of any full size pickup or a short-box pickup with the handle removed (simply pulling a pin removes the handle) and can be assembled and disassembled in three easy steps without any tools.
Goes Where the Blankets Are
Use the receiver hitch of a pickup truck or mount it to a trailer using the trailer mount bracket (available separately). For additional versatility and mobility on jobsites, the trailer mount bracket can be clamped to a skid loader, a steel column, one of the forks on a fork lift, or any heavy object so the BlanketRoller goes where the curing blankets are - instead of dragging the curing blankets over rebar and through the snow, mud and wind.
Keep Your Crew Doing Something Profitable
I have never known a contractor that claimed to make money by having half their crew drive across town to load up curing blankets that were left on the last job site. Once you start using the BlanketRoller, you only need one person to go load blankets on the trailer so the guys you hired to pour concrete are doing that instead of riding around in the truck. That means you've cut your expenses by about 50% or more and increased your profitability at the same time by keeping your crew doing more productive work.
There is basically no work involved in loading blankets anymore. We use quality ball bearings in the BlanketRoller that make it so effortless to roll a curing blanket up that you can't even tell there is anything on the tool. And once it's rolled up and strapped it's not going to blow off the trailer while you are getting the next blankets. Since you can go anywhere on the jobsite with this tool, there is no reason to drag loose blankets across the ground and rip them up on re-rod or other construction materials. Using our straps instead of wire and not having to drag your blankets around jobsites is going to greatly extend the life of your curing blankets. It doesn't take many labor hours or torn up blankets to recoup the cost of this tool.
A tool that allows one man to effortlessly roll up and secure concrete curing blankets from a comfortable standing position, in seconds, anywhere on the job site.
Blanketroller Step 2
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Blanketroller Step 3
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The days of wasting time and money like this are over.


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