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FenceRoller by Tradesman Tools
Roll up a snow fence - Typical Way FenceRoller - A Better Way
A Typical Way A Better Way
Retrieve and Re-Use Plastic Barrier Fence
No more crawling on the ground to roll up plastic barrier fence. With the FenceRoller you simply pull the end of the fence between the two tubes, turn the crank handle, and in less than 30 seconds your fence is completely rolled up and ready to secure and slide right off. If you have a large volume of fencing to roll, remove the crank handle and insert the supplied 3/8" drill adapter for plastic fencing (drill not included). Just pull the trigger on your drill and watch it roll. It makes good sense economically and environmentally to re-use your plastic fencing because it takes less than 30 seconds to retrieve a $40 roll of fence.
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FenceRoller Assembly FenceRoller with drill
Satisfied Customers
Customer Testimonial
"The FenceRoller is lightweight, easy to use and saved time. Debris that is stuck to the fence falls right off while rolling it up. But the best part is that it keeps me from having to kneel on the ground in food, spilled pop and other garbage left over from an event."
Annandale Public Works Department
Annandale, MN



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